iPads for Autism

VITACARE (www.vitacareworld.com) has partnered UM-NSU CARD in honor of April -World Autism Awareness month to collect gently used iPads for South Florida Autism Charter Schools starting Monday April 15th, 2013. Did you know that after the release of the first iPad Apple received a surprisingly positive reaction from the Autistic Community? Apple accidently stumbled upon a revolutionary way to change the future of special education technology. That said VITACARE’s co-founder Andy Travaglia decided to launch a project to collect gently used iPads in Miami, FL. She felt this would be a great way to celebrate April -World Autism Awareness month. “The iPad is an amazing tool because the touchscreen is visually appealing for people with Autism and captures their attention. In addition there are numerous applications that can be downloaded to the iPad to maintain schedules, tell stories, learn lessons, and reinforce positive behavior. An added bonus is that AppleRead More

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