Hand Rolled Croissants

Redefining your breakfast expecations! These artisanal croissant sandwiches are scrumptious! They are made with the freshest ingredients available. Our Egg Sandwich is made with locally sourced eggs from Meadow Farms!

Meet the Lake Meadow Farm Egg Sandwich!

Our Smoked Salmon Croissant Sandwich consists of cream cheese, chives, smoked salmon, boiled eggs and caper berries!

Smoked Salmon Croissant Sandwich!

Make sure to try our Roasted Turkey & Swiss Cheese Croissant Sandwich! The thinly sliced turkey and cheese against the crispy croissant is truly mouth watering.

Roasted Turkey & Swiss Cheese Croissant!

We haven’t forgotten about our calorie conscious friends! Our Egg White & Frittata Croissant may take the title of “Most Delicious Croissant Creation… Ever.”

Egg White & Vegetable Frittata!

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